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You are here for a reason. What is it? 

I am a spiritual life coach, teacher and healer with almost 25 years experience and I love to assist you to remember who you are and connect you back to yourself. Without the conditioning, layers of should do's and painful experiences you may have had.

I believe a better world starts with understanding and awareness. Knowing yourself is an important part of connecting to happiness.

I assist clients all over the world by giving clarity, deep healing old emotions and teach how to use spiritual tools in daily life. 

How I live my life is no accident and I actively integrate the spiritual practices and knowledge I've learned in the past 25 years and I love showing you how living according to YOUR UNIQUE gifts, talents, and values is the ticket to fulfillment.

I've created a special Priestess Skills Program that helps you remember who you are and what your gifts and skills are. It only opens once a year and is invitation only. 

Can't wait for that special time? Each Month during the Dark of the Moon you are welcome to join a Transformational Healing. 

As a personal guide I can help you get clarity and show you where to find your answers. 

The Wisdom is always within. 

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It's time to remember who you are. Your Sacred Self is waiting.

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The LONG Biography

In 2013 I bagged my journalism career to step into a more spiritually-orientated business to help people one-on-one. Even if journalism and being published sounds(!) like a dream to many, it did not tick my clock anymore and going through the barrier of 'what will people think' was extremely liberating and a great move. 

It's no wonder I had a journalism career for 16 years, because since an early age, I’ve been searching for “another reality” and finding ways to understand other people’s reality.


I grew up in a small village in the Netherlands, near the woods with a library situated in a historic barn in which I loved spending time. Games, creating adventures, reading and fun were favorite activities and I was a happy-go-lucky child. As a teenager it felt that something was missing from our day-to-day experiences. So I researched, read psychology books, asked people deep questions about how they experienced life and why they did what they did. 

Emotions especially were a huge field of interest since people used to hide their true feelings and pretended they were not there. This caused a lot of confusion, because to me it was so easy to see what they were trying to hide, but they were denying it. Looking back on these experiences, I realize that's a clear trait of being an empath and clear knowing. Two of my most prominent claims.  What can I say? I Know things and can see what's really at play. 


One turning point in my teenage years is when my first tarot deck arrived when I was 18. I already knew about astrology, healing stones, and more. In my early twenties everything fell into place when I received a book on Wicca and I started hosting monthly moon circles with friends, which gave much depth to our life. 


Since I also had a knack for writing, it led to what was a perfect profession at the time: questioning people for a living as a journalist. It allowed me to understand drives, see the big picture and have people tell me all about their experiences and desires. As a journalist, I was an idealist who wanted to share other people’s stories to create more awareness and spark empathy so that it would create change. That's also what I do as a Spiritual Coach. The healing steps are always the same: awareness first, then healing past patterns and experiences after which you re-align the energy into receiving. 


I’ve always preferred a rather unorthodox lifestyle if you compare it to the masses. That's because I knew what felt right for me and even in school I only invested in the topics that interested me and I did not care about what I should do for grades. This has led to connecting to different groups of society, living in Spain, spending long summers in Turkey, living in London, and traveling Europe. 


It’s when I drifted away from my own drum and tried to walk a path that was considered best by the society that it was damaging to me. My life definitely has not been picture perfect. In fact, I had lots of hurdles and storms to go through. Picked myself up every single time though. Even when it got very bad. On top of that, I would fall ill whenever I tried to squeeze into the “musts” and demands of a regular lifestyle. My thyroid would play up and at times it got pretty bad.

This forced me to take time off and live a quieter, more balanced life and prioritize what was important. I can see this many months (!) were a blessing in the work I do know. It allowed me to get a level of Spiritual knowledge and understanding that's uncommon on my age. And that's because I had only 3 priorities left: healing myself, my creativity and spirituality. And I feel Guides gave me a super speedy track throughout all my life to get to this level of understanding. And I feel deeply at ease with myself and who I am. Because you see, inner security comes from the self. And that's what I assist you with: knowing yourself. 

Knowing who you are is the key to everything. It makes decisions easy. It makes saying NO easy and it's easy to tell if an issue is your stuff and when it belongs another. I got to this point because I've walked the full path of Spirituality, including the final stage of shadow work and transformation.


My journalism career gave me a great understanding of seeing truth. And I value everyone's experience and unique differences while I also know that on the inside we all experience the same core emotions and everyone's story matters! And that's why I love showing you how to get to that place within yourself. I am not biased, not judgemental and I truly care and hear you. No matter where you are at on your path or what's important to you. I want to hol 

On the grand scale of things being able to honour your own uniqueness and of others is tremendously healing. People who are at ease with themselves are kind individuals. And let's be honest: understanding is what the world needs today. And if you are strong in holding your own space, expressing yourself and simply showing up as you that DOES impact the world at large. 
Let's start with you and let me help you find your answers today. 

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Explore The Possibilities Today

You are not a one size fits all. You love the personalized approach and are ready to explore options. Send me what's on your mind and what outcome you wish and I'll get back with a suggestion.

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