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Return on Investment: Money Increase and clear, personalised action steps to get to your next income goal. 

What is it?

In these sessions I help you EARN/RECEIVE more money and UP the income to a next level.

We remove your INCOME CEILING (level you are “allowed” to earn/limitations) and I channel the exact next steps needed to take to receive that higher income.

This is an Akashic Healing session so your money income upgrade is LASTING and you will start consistently receiving that new amount of money each month.

The biggest aha: it really doesn’t have to be hard!

What to expect: 

All money lessons are incredibly practical

> The healing is not about 'pie in the sky' numbers. The general increase I have been shown by the guides is a percentage of around 25%-33% for increase.

> The Guides will show a plan and next action steps with a few Money plateaus to reach. If you take these steps, your money will increase. 

The Guides that assist with this are all about SECURITY. They are PRAGMATIC. Work with PLANS that help you EXPAND from a level of SECURITY. They diminish FEAR and work with TRUST.

New to the Akashic Records?
This is a place beyond time and space as you know it and you can see it as The Records of this life and all lifetimes. You can reset and change the energy and the Story here.

DISCLAIMER: The Guides will always show you what is needed to be handled or dealt with first. As a facilitator I hold the space: That means I have no say in what will come up or what will and will not be cleared. It's always for your highest good.  

A sessions is 2 hours and $199. We either work on Money Blocks, Money Karma or Raising your Energetic Income. 

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Everyone that tested also promised to check their numbers BEFORE and AFTER the healing.

The results have been PHENOMENAL. And steady (!). They have been lasting income upgrades.

Some of the results:

+ A steady $2000 more each month

+ An instant $1400 more

+ Finally (and for the first time ever!) sitting down with numbers.

+ Instant job offers
+ finally (after mega fear and avoiding for years) taking the actual steps to sit down with the numbers
+ decreasing money fears

And so much benefits.

I understand it sounds too good to be true if you never experienced a healing with me. Feel free to check my Social Media and Screen Shot from those sharing there below.  

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Please connect first to check if your energy is a match for this.

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> 2 x 120 minute Healing Sessions on Money Karma and Income Level

> Money Karma Clearing Meditation ($50)

> Money Magick Workshop ($199)

> Money Healing preparation Audio Series 

The package is $389 (payment plan available) 

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And move forward into receiving

Wealth Sessions: Welcome

Money Magick teaches you all the Money Lessons that come from the Akashic Records. You receive all these messages I've channeled from the guides about the energy of money. 

And I'm hoping that it may start transforming your connection and your relationship with money TODAY.

So what can you expect from the course and Bonus Clearing?

+ This is ENERGY WORK that shifts you into receiving.

+ An improved relationship with money

+ Daily (practical) Energetic Money lessons that are easy to apply.

+ Money Karma Aha

+ Remove blocking energy ( emotional, Karmic or Spiritual Money energy). 

+ Take your next best Money Step and improve your income. 

The lessons are incredibly practical, and they will cause energetic shifts.

It will make you see that like with anything:  money is about the interaction and the relationship you have with it.

And you will see if you are repelling or attracting? These lessons will help you improve that connection for you.

The good news: you don't have to clear all of your past lifetimes and family line to feel more secure about money.

DISCLAIMER: Even though this is the closest thing I've found to a Magick Wand you are the one to have to make it happen. 

You get the best results if you APPLY the lessons and take suggested actions. 

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