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The Birth of the Awakening Teachers

2021 was the year of the AWAKENING TEACHERS. The NEW PHILOSOPHERS. Those sharing about SPIRITUALITY, the ANCIENT PATHS and the MYSTIC...

The Moon Phases and your Period

In the Moon Q&A I answer you questions around the Moon Phases. Question: “What does it mean to start the own cycle at the dark moon.”...

Top 5 Spiritual Money Books

Improving your relationship with money is ongoing. You’ll find that the more you learn and interact with money, work on your mindset and...

Pluto Direct and Personal Leadership

Today Planet Pluto went direct. A very welcome energy for many. This is all happening in the Sign of Capricorn with the South Node of the...

Passing on Family (and money) Karma

"Do we pass down the family karma and blockages to our children?" This is a question I received from one of my people on family karma. As...

The Magick of Making the Investment

The Moonphase is Waxing and it's the Month of September, which means that Sun Sign Virgo makes a lot of strategy and planning available...

The reasons for​ 'being in denial'

The truth was that my client had ended up in an extremely dangerous situation with a violent person that was horrible to her. And that she c

Witchcraft and The Moon

Witchcraft; doesn't that take place in secret and in the dark? Not in a little village in the northern part of the Netherlands,...

15th of August: Jupiter and the Full Moon

Jupiter is the PLANET OF LUCK. It relates to abundance, success and can certainly bring money. Since it is just gone direct that means your

The necessity of Negative Emotions

Emotional healing is of most considerable importance when getting healthy. Your emotions are valuable and are here to help you see deeper...

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

The Solar Eclipse will offer you the opportunity to reach a new level of personal interacting with others. It's all about your Emotional Str

The Astrology of Artists ​

This is Nick Drake's birth chart. Birth charts can show our gifts, talents, challenges and always offer solutions and directions in them too

Akashic Records and Soul Contracts

Have you met this person before? You can look into soul contracts and agreements with people in your life. I do that in an Akashic...

Unleashing your Spiritual Gifts

Hello dear Soul Traveller, You've made it here! And there are no coincidences. Let's talk about #yourhealinggifts When you first start...

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If you are here that means there's a fair chance that you are on crossroads. There's an opportunity of CHANGE in the air for you and you can now take steps to get to the next level. 

You may feel excited and scared at the same time. That's ok. And you have made here. Now let's see what level of soul adventurer you are. 

It always comes down to one of these 3 steps: you either desire CLARITY, HEALING and SHIFTING of Blocks and sabotages or you are ready to re-align and transform the energy in your favor.

Understanding and seeing where you are is the first game-changer that will give you peace of mind and helps you see and choose your next steps. Let's get you your missing road map and answers to help you start changing outcomes.

With almost 25 years of experience, I can help you get clear, deep heal and transform the energy and make it all very practical. Let me hold the space for you. 

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