Take Control of Your Future

A clarity session will give you new perspectives on your situation. 

You will be able to feel empowered about know where you stand. That will help with your decisions. 

A session is 75 minutes and you will receive an e-mail afterwards with personalized tools. 

Depending on your question I will suggest which spiritual tools we can use. For a first session I often use tarot or astrology. 

+ Love: If you are seeking love or if you want insight in your current relationship. With the relationship 101 reading ou will gain clarity.  

+ Purpose & Direction: Powerful sessions to help you find your direction, talents and soul path. Focused on your birth chart and numerology.

+ Creative support: For artists and creative souls. Choose from practical, creative guidance sessions (and benefit of my creative writing teaching and journalism skills) to get to the core or choose intuitive support.

+ Feel good and support: Specifically developed for those that love some spirit guidance, yet would benefit most of maintaining a positive outlook. 

+ Transformation: In depth sessions to understand where you are in life. In these sessions tarot, astrology and numerology are combined.

+ Emotional healing: When dealing with difficult or heart-breaking situations or when you seek  understanding of your emotions these sessions are for you. 

+ Spiritual Mentoring: For those wanting feedback on their own spiritual experiences. 

How to book: 

1. Choose your topic. 
2. Choose if you prefer an audio or private session with me.
3. Please send me an e-mail first.  I would love to suggest what's best fitting for you first. 


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