Embrace Life’s Challenges

The Astrology Roadmap package is for you if you want to understand what's happening in your life right now and what’s the best direction to take. You will get CLARITY, UNDERSTANDING and want to know how to bend things into OPPORTUNITY.

These are 4 x 75 minute Sessions 

Road Map 

Themed Package 

Use within 3 Months 

Healing Map 

The actual value of this package is $599.

Investment = $399 


5 sessions, Extra Access to me, Bonus Program & Extra Resources

With "Subconscious Surgery" you UNDERSTAND the situation, we uncover (false) beliefs), then clear the belief and the memory, HEAL past emotions and then reset the energy into receiving. 

You will get clarity, healing and we'll reset your energy. Akashic Healing is part of this package. And so is the Block-buster sessions that are only available for coaching clients.

You will get: 

+ 4 live call sessions 

+ Access to me by the phone app What's app  (and I will reply to you with a personal audio if you need extra support or a reframe within 24 hours. 

+ Any extra meditations or coaching material I feel you'll need 

+ 1 x 30 minute Emergency Call 

+ Explanation of your (night time) dreams after a session. 
+ Use within 6 Months 

You will get clarity, healing and we'll reset your energy. Akashic Healing is part of this package. Plus any extra meditations or coaching material you'll need & access to one of  I feel will most benefit you.

This coaching package will be $699 (actual value $989). 

Contact me first if this is for you.

The LOVE COACHING package will dissapear. You can still work on love with me in this new package. I'm very successful in connecting people with


9 sessions, Bonus Call, 24/7 access

+ 4 Subconscious Surgery Sessions
+ 4 Shadow Work Sessions
+ Emergency Call
+ Access to 4-week Emotional Well-being program
+ Coaching resources and bonus
+ Coach in your pocket: access to me 24/7 
+ Dream Analysis after Sessions 

This will superspeed up the work we do. It's the subconscious surgery package and the Emotional Well-Being (worth $999), With 4 Bonus Sessions $1255 + Be the Queen Coaching Package. meditations, bonus workshops = $1222

You will get 4 Shadow Work Bonus-Sessions AND access to the next live round of Emotional Well-Being.

This is for you IF decided you want to go to your next level (in love, career, confidence, everything that is of personal importance to you) know you are self-sabotaging and want to clear that want to work on a specific topic to get results are getting ready to step into that new level of authentic expression and inner security/self-trust

AS A BONUS I'm offering you the opportunity to clear out a deep layer that will get you to your next level.

You get personal guidance, accountability AND you can SAVE on our 1-1 work.

It's for the ones that are devoted to themselves and their well-being. 

YOU BELIEVE YOU MATTER. Your well-being matters! 

AND you are brave enough to start removing behaviors, connections and more that do no contribute to true fulfillment, inner security, inner peace, balance and joyfulness. 

The Emotional Well-Being techniques will only be available for those on the path to SELF-ACTUALISATION. And those that do not want to settle for less in health, well-being, relationships, creativity and so much more. Living according to who you are is always the greatest gift to give yourself. 



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