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Sacred Self Video Series: honouring the End of your Cycle

As a soul adventurer there comes a point in your life in which your quest ends. You’ve found what you were looking for. You walked the path and your story played out. 

Now what? How to recognise if you are at the End of a Cycle, what you can expect AND exciting (!) you are now getting to a new level with MORE of what you've asked for.

Video & Podcast: Video


And understand what your resistance is telling you and which one of these THREE STEPS you should take.

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The Prostitute Archetype can bring up some triggers. You may think it has nothing to do with you and are neutral to it.

Let's put that to the test: How about we rephrase it into: embrace YOUR inner prostitute. What do you instantly feel? What are your thoughts and feelings? That's where the gold is. This will reveal your own truths around this. And it's so beneficial and potentially liberating to look at it on an individual level.

If you are new to archetypes: this can be seen as a collection of thoughts, ideas and experiences that becomes an “invisible entity". And that means it is part of your own behaviour in love, sexuality, in relationships and connecting to a partner. 

Video & Podcast: Video

The Divine Feminine and the call for Self Expression

Speak up, own your voice, use the path that's paved by many women before you. You can now choose to RISE, TO EDUCATE and be part of those that hold the space for the Divine Feminine Values.

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