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15th of August: Jupiter and the Full Moon

Hi beautiful! 

If you've been following me then you know I teach you on how to take advantage of benevolent energies of the Sky. 

PLANET OF LUCK Combining Astrology and Moon Phases work gives you powerful results. They are not the same: Astrology is a solar-based system. Moon Phases work is based on the Lunar Calendars and relates to the Goddess, the Old Religion and ancient wisdom of the Earth. Time is calculated different between the systems. Using 'moon time' will align you to your true self, while using 'solar time' is more about appearances and the outside world.

For August I'd love to talk JUPITER. Jupiter came out of retrograde the 11th of August. The planet Jupiter is about your luck and relates to your highest aspirations (think Gandhi). So you may have noticed you started to receive more clarity in regards to your personal truths and inspirations. FEELING ROCKY?

The more aligned you already were, the easier the next steps. If you are relatively new to attuning to yourself to who you are as a person then this may have felt a bit more rocky. Especially with that Full Moon on the 15th of August (more info on possible reasons below). The key with Full Moons is to channel the energy towards manifesting. Full Moons have always been about culmination and celebrations. Release best fits the waning moon phase or the last of the Moon during the Dark Moon.

Jupiter is the PLANET OF LUCK. It relates to abundance, success and can certainly bring money. Since it is just gone direct that means your road can get instantly more apparent. Beneficial seeds you plant now can be supersized and grow your harvest.

Jupiter is also related to the spiritual teacher. The planet Jupiter has faith in humanity as a whole and always brings optimism with it. In its highest expression, Jupiter is a teacher. Jupiter is tolerant and interested in other's life, culture and religion.

And a well aspected Jupiter in your chart will bring luck. Millionaires and billionaires often have Jupiter in the second house (the money house). Jupiter also likes to make everything bigger in life. Dreams, aspirations, goals, money and more. You can use this beneficial energy by taking time to sit with your plans, plan new goals and review where you are at with them now.

For example:

+ Did you have aha's around on how you've spend your PERSONAL ENERGY?

+ Did you have aha's around your purpose and do you in fact prioritize what you say is important to you?

+ Did you have any aha's around how you've been working with your goals?

If you are part of the Moon Membership you have extra access to Jupiter Recordings and journal sheets. FULL MOON DEPRESSION? If you were one of the people that felt DEPRESSED this last Full Moon here's what may be the case:

Is there a sense of everything being meaningless? You may simply feel lost or have been far away from purpose. Use the coming months as a discovery on who you are and what IS important to you. You may have realized you are not at all where you expected to be. You thought you would be further ahead by now. You looked at the world and felt all of its pain. And asked yourself: What is the future of the Planet and Humanity?

Tips if you felt alienation and isolation and everything being meaningless: First of all you have likely been adjusting to other's expectations for a very long time. You can't hear your own voice, nor desires and that's what you are feeling. The alienation isn't about the Outside World. You need to address the alienation you feel internally. (Feel free to comment or PM me if you'd like some help with this. I understand the emotional body very well and can tune into your best first step).

Questions to ask:
> What have you been denying yourself?
> What would you like if you are honest to yourself?

Secondly: If you are not where you'd hoped to be. Sit with the disappointment first (no skipping emotions remember). And then you can use this time to get more on point, set goals for the rest of the year AND do not forget to celebrate all that you did manage to do. It's easy to look at what is not there. Sometimes you do need to honour how you feel about that and then remind yourself about what is there.

Third: if you looked at the external pain of others than you were not connected to the self. Ideally, you are an aware individual that is able to look at the 'outside world', while understanding that there's something bigger at play here and then connect the energy back to yourself. Because that's where the change will come from. What you can influence is your own actions. If something externally pains you then ask yourself the question: Can I contribute here? And what are my options? You can pick that thing and then continue with what else you were doing in your life.

Compassion and empathy is an admirable quality. It's squandered if you stay in paralyzing pain and depression about external events you are unable to infuence. Balanced approaches are always the most impactful. And the more you care for yourself and learn how to hold your own space, the more you can contribute if that's a personal desire.

If you are new to me: I'm a spiritual coach, healer and teacher with 25 years of experience. Teaching you how to use the energies present in the Moon and Sky to understand yourself on a deep level and create the outcomes you want is one of the things I'm passionate about. I hosted my first Moon Circle in my twenties and each Dark Moon we come together for a monthly transformational healing. You can book 1-1 healing or astrology sessions with me.

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