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Akashic Records and Soul Contracts

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Have you met this person before? You can look into soul contracts and agreements with people in your life. I do that in an Akashic Healing. The guides won't always show the answers if there's still events needing to enfold and lessons to be learned between you two. Often those people that feel "special" and have an impact on you are indeed souls you've known for centuries. Indeed someone like a love interest, a lover or a friend (and even your "enemies"). Is this person a soulmate? And if they are then what does that mean?

In a recent healing request on relationships, I indeed saw two people sitting together in beautiful hills and woods somewhere in the early 500's. To me this was indicating that indeed it wasn't the first time these two people met. Was it supposed to be love? Were they meant for each other? And what I saw was more of a sibling type of supporting connection and the word I heard was "companionship". The guides also showed the reason for this: one of the two souls was always exploring & adventurous. The other liked stability, rooting and staying put. And that's how they had always parted ways. Because one would stop the other in what was fitting and growth for them. The key of their connection throughout lifetimes was always around love and care, but in essence it came down to friendship (or siblings/family support etc.!) They showed up in each others life's to remind each other of that support and pure connection being available. This soul contract was never meant to be a love relationship. When my client* heard this information there was a big aha and appreciation for that information. For them: understanding this and knowing it to be true on a soul level instantly brought the peace they were looking for. Akashic Healing sessions with me are up to 2 hours and can be booked through the website. Always send me a message first to apply for this session so I can check if this session is indeed a match for you. . *) Information shared is always shared with permission. Did you enjoy this Post? Stay in touch and sign up for my list to receive weekly updates, learn about Sacred Self Living, offers and free gifts.

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