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Akashic Records: Are you living a Family Members' Money Story?

Travelling the #akashicrecords is a beautiful and healing experience. It can help to dissolve so many issues. When I go in I see actual books I feel into and will see images. Sometimes the story isn't instantly clear and it needs to be played out before my eyes. It's also not always your story that will show up, but of those whose DNA you hold in your own cells. In other words: the family line. If the family DNA shows up there’s always clues. The clue in one of my healings was that the book I described was indeed a family possession from fathers side of the family. While working through this life story and the themes that showed up for this person* it became clear it was a DNA-based string we had been clearing. What I was shown was a Money Story that was related to a family member coming into money during the Industrial Revolution. Even though there was a lot of money and wealth made by this clever family member, they were never accepted for their "new money" by those considered the "elite". Consequently money represented loneliness, exclusion and it never being good enough for my client. They tried so hard, BUT NEVER GOT THE CREDIT. Never getting the credit for it was my client's running story.

And the life I had been shown wasn't actually my clients past life, but she was experiencing that block, burden (or lesson) from the person she was related too through DNA. So we cleared it. Patterns and patterning do not only come from how we grow up, society standards and are own experiences. Many are also passed on through the family line. Whatever shows up for you can always be cleared. It just takes one person taking responsibility for where they are at and breaking the pattern, which will allow new choices. These deep healings will not only make it easier for you. It actually will clear parts of the family karma. If you are interested in these type of Akashic Healings then you can PM them. I only do a few of them each week, because I have to stay in another reality and high frequency for a long time (120 mins) and I need enough time to then ground and be part of this world :) In the Academy there's also a Family Karma workshop available that helps clear the family line.

*) Alle experiences shared are shared with permission from the Client.

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