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Akashic Records: what the books look like

Travelling the Akashic Records and performing healing is like entering a magical world. The energy is always high frequency and I'm amazed what comes up for people and how it differs for each of them. And you will always feel good receiving the information, because of this high energy.

They will show exactly what it is you need to know and hear in that point in time. In one of my last healings the guides were clearly aiming on creating understanding first while healing the energy around this.

In Akashic Healings I will see colours, symbols and know or see the story. I feel into them to retrieve the information. And I get handed books to feel into. The Akashic Records are a beautiful resource to retrieve information on blocks, issues and even past life's. AND clear and remove them.

Soul Books and Purpose Whenever I receive a white book with a certain Golden emblem on them I now recognise them as "soul books". That means that the question that was asked belongs to a deep part of the soul. It's part of that person and therefore ties in with purpose. Mind you, you are always the one that can choose what to do. There's not just one purpose you have to fulfil and if not it's a fail. You have all these resources available to you. And you get to decide how and if you will apply them. Sometimes seeing one of your soul gifts and a past life in which you didn't or did not get to use that gift, but wanted to can give you so much understanding about why you feel that strong urge to work with it now.

Akashic Healings are 120 minutes and they will gently shift the energy and lift blocks around your questions. If you want to book a session then you can PM me. Each person who took one feels more calm and peaceful after. >>Read more on them here<<

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