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Divine Masculine Channeling on honouring your true nature and the change of the seasons

As some of you may know, I channel a Divine Masculine collective since 2017, and they started to educate us on power. True power. Not what is perceived as power or what we've called power for a long time.

This channeling is related to autumn and the Divine Masculine has a beautiful message on the Changing of the Seasons, your Personal Power and honoring your True Self.

"So we're talking about harvest and the time of the Sun. It is not a goodbye. And it is. The Cycle of Life is unchanging. We honor the rise in heaven, the highest point, and then we fall down. It's ever-changing and not changing.

Let's talk about taking charge and taking control. You are not a willingness victim of flux. That's the first in which you humans have given the power away.

Do you dance with the Universe or against it? With the Seasons of life and the Harvest of life?

Find what works, not what doesn't. You see because all works and you are either in tune or are not. Whenever you throw up a resistance, whenever you say it shouldn't be that way, but it is, you sync out with the flow of life. There is no such thing as no perfection. It is all perfection. All of it.

Are you on board? Are you with this? It's all a choice you see. You either get in and get on with it or you stand waiting by the sideline watching life go by. And even if you do in eternity, there is no waste or missing out

All is included. And that means some will indeed rise high, displaying their power and holding that position throughout life. They continuously choose to be in the center.

And the center of it, is in the heart of the Sun. It is always summer. It is always peaked."

Laura asks: You say it is always peaked, but what about when the Sun burns out? "Why mention this? What not is the case right now. If you see how all work magnificently together, then why not expect that mechanism will work. The Golden is available. Or you can stay in the shadows. None is better than the other, although humans will perceive it that way.

Plenty of plants do well in shades, and plenty will burn in the bright sunlight. What plant are you? Your inner nature fits in this Universe. To you the task to live accordingly and I promise you that all that find their inner nature and honor themselves for it, will find their greatest joy.

Things go wrong when we try to be something else than what we are. Immanent light is available to all of you. You just shine and reflect it differently."

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.Laura Diane is a Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer and works with people based on what's UNIQUE to them. In clarity and healing she is invested in people expanding themselves and living so closely to their soul truths that they'll feel better all the times.. Laura practices what she preaches and has been on the spiritual path for almost 25 years. She loves incorporating the ancient wisdom of the Moon in sessions.

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