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Dark Moon and Rituals to create Inner Peace

Updated: May 25, 2019

Hey gorgeous, 

So you desire new things, right?  And ideas for this flowing easily to you?  Maybe you already see yourself having that relationship, that new home, doing work you love.   And it all feel lighthearted and like a string of ease flowing through your life. Except... You don't feel as light hearted and inspired and in tune with yourself right now.  Totally normal. Let's give you an easy ritual to unclog yourself.   As you know I love sharing tips and ritual ideas with you in the Free Spiritual Facebook group Into the Moonhouse. 

As a Dark Moon Healer this Moon Phase is one of my favourite phases to work with. Remember: what is called "new moon" by many and promoted as a great time for intention setting is quite the opposite. It's the time to go inward, to reflect and connect to yourself. 

Tip 1: Get what is clogging you out of your system  A part of this phase is excellent for release (Find Monthly Dark Moon healing and rituals here). 

When you are carrying lots and lots of experiences, ideas and more it needs to get out of your system. 

This is your personal chance to empty yourself too. Only once you are empty then there’s room to receive the new. It’s no use to build on top of things all the time. You will overflow. Which is fine if it’s good stuff and simply very annoying when it is not.  Then pressure builds.Time gets scarce. And it may simply feel heavy. Time to empty your jar.  Easy tool to assist you:  Writing is a great tool of this ro simply sit down.  Push aside any inner critic talk (it’s not hard, the key is to just write on without thinking, which will bypass any inner critic and allows you tap into flow) and write. ALL of it. As much as you can to empty your soul. The good, the bad, the ugly, the ideas… Write, write, write.  How does it feel to pour that cup empty? Great! Expect to feel relaxed AND it's not uncommon that ideas start flowing to you immediately. Top 2 writing tips: 1. If you write about your worry, stress and more then burn the paper afterwards. Claim your experiences, honour them and then say you release them into the fire for transformation by source energy. 2. If you are hyper creative then awesome. Make, create, let it flow, be proud.  Writing is powerful. Once things get on paper it’s real! It’s out. And then you can do with it what you desire. If you are a visual person then drawing and painting may be your go to. Ideally about all your experiences. As long as it’s clear to you what you are letting flow out of you.  There you are!  You’ve just created much more inner space!  Would you like to stay informed on ritual work, the moon phases, the sky energy and more? Subscribe to the newsletter here and receive the Moon Phases e-book as a gift.  Laura is a Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer and works with people based on what's UNIQUE to them. In clarity and healing she is invested in people expanding themselves and living so closely to their soul truths that they'll feel better all the times.. Laura practices what she preaches and has been on the spiritual path for almost 25 years. She loves incorporating the ancient wisdom of the Moon in sessions.   

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