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Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius 2020: Clouded truths

Eclipse season is ahead and it’s obvious. George Floyd and people taking to the streets and protest is related. It’s not only the 5th of June Eclipse which will bring intensity and clashing opinions. It’s also because we are wrapping up The Cancer-Capricorn lessons.⁣ There is a need to review the past and past choices. You can find that theme (and a mini-workshop on how to work with reviewing on a personal level as a video on Facebook here). COLONIALISM I also mentioned this a few weeks before: Looking at history (colonialism, slavery) and looking at what society’s are build on is essential. And it will show up more. On a global level it's around looking at what choices we make in regards to “doing business” and becoming aware of the destructive side. Are we contributing to wellness or a we doing the opposite? ⁣ OLD LAWS You can’t build a new system if it’s based on “Old Law”. Abuse, injustice, silencing, inequality and more all need to be seen and come into awareness. Only then can you start healing and changing. Is this New World all around the corner then? Nope. Because what’s coming up first is that we need to start learning to see truth. And for now that’s going to be very clouded for many. ⁣That includes everything around COVID-19 too. You'll see opinions and ideas get extreme measures. GOOD NEWS

The good news? The activation humanity went through the past years, was around being able to see OTHER people as people. As in: We are all people with emotions and dreams. This is a supportive consciousness that has been birthed. ⁣It's very 'young' still. Which means it needs time to grow. EMOTIONALLY MATURE Society needs to mature. And when it comes to emotions there's a lot to learn. If we learn to understand others, listen and dare to say: 'this is my stuff and I will take responsibility' versus 'this is not for me and I put it back on your plate'. And get to 'Now how can we transform this for the wellness of all', then something is shifting. As humanity we are being asked to learn to make choices for the well-being of all. And to aim for building lasting structures in which we support each other (while honouring diversity). That’s all long-term goals though. ⁣ RIOTS and ECLIPSES What you can expect to see globally (and in the masses) now is that intensity will Rise (Site note: there are often riots and protests around the eclipses. Around recent eclipses we have had the women's marches around Me Too and Protests around the Immigrant Children being taking from their parents at US Borders among others. It’s because issues reach boiling points and they need to come out. Awareness is step 01 to create change. I wrote this in 2017: "All matters related to identity will come up. It will relate to those having felt hurt. Those having felt unheard. And those considered 'foreign' or 'outcasts' related to their 'culture'." HAVING A VOICE There's progress though. The voice is bigger than it was. History and change moves slowly. That's because it's part of everything; education, society, behaviour and even in choices of street names. In general you may expect that opposition in opinions will be strong and there will be a lot of impatience. Long term it should lead to higher levels of integrity. Because that’s what everyone needs to learn as society. What do you believe in? Are you able to be compassionate? And still know where you stand and voice that. Can you cooperate with the whole? ⁣ We are nowhere near that. A lot of ideals and values will turn bitter first. And righteousness will soar. ⁣ However, remember that foundations to create the opportunity for a healthier future is the goal. And that means we need to start looking at all the collective shadows and learn how to communicate among other things. ⁣ ⁣You can find the Sky energy reports to help you understand the world, your life and yourself in Into the Moonhouse on Facebook. 1. Answering the Inner Calling 2. Understanding 2020 Energy 3. If your dreams not manifest then this may be why (and how to change it) 4. Changing the Family patterns 5. Reviewing your life choices and creating vision. Remember that change starts from the inside. I will also share a lot around the themes the coming months (and how to best work with it).

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