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Passing on Family (and money) Karma

"Do we pass down the family karma and blockages to our children?"  

This is a question I received from one of my people on family karma. As a spiritual coach, teacher and healer that works with the Akashic Records family karma often shows up. 

This is what I wrote back to her: PATTERNS "Great question! Yes and no. Here is the thing: patterns are repeated over and over by generations. And get passed on. Until someone stops and starts doing their own healing work. This ties in with conditioning, mindset, and more.  DNA

Secondly then there's the DNA-part. That's in our system. It's not all bad, though. There's a lot of gifts and talents to be found in family heritage too (and you can tap into that knowledge). You can't really clear DNA and the heritage for another member of the family. And some family members will show different parts of the DNA.

THE FAMILY HEALER Then there's a third component to it which is a bit more esoteric: in Akashic healings with people that did a lot of self-work and are healers I often see 'old karma' and family debts appear to be cleared. So that is then brought up an moved out. Maybe great-great-grandmother X didn't do the forgiveness, but the person in this lifetime then sets them free.  

Ever so often in generations there will be someone born (or choose to be born) that will start clearing parts (or as much as possible) of the family karma. They often feel very burdened at a certain point in time/life. This last part I am sharing I have been taught by shamanism.

Often what's considered "family karma" are certain ways of being/thinking/behavior. They can be cleared by doing self-work and then passing on a healthier way of being to children. TIP: Family constellations work strongly with the energy imprint of family and clearing energy that got stuck. If you ever took part in one, you can see how everyone will immediately take specific 'roles'. Playing out this pattern can also clear the energy and take the sting out of it". 

If you desire to work with me on Family Karma, there are a few options: 

If you are on time: The End of September there's one healing circle on Money Karma (that includes teachings on Family Karma). 

And in the Money Magick Workshop you'll have forever access to this Clearing. 

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