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The Astrology of Artists ​

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

#astrology #artists - As you know I love looking in charts. Often those of artists because I listen to their music, read their books or suddenly get drawn in. Your chart holds so many gifts and it's fascinating to combine all those dots and use the knowledge to your advantage. This is Nick Drake's birth chart. Birth charts can show our gifts, talents, challenges and always offer solutions and directions in them too.

I felt almost like I was intruding looking at this. It's a supersensitive, private chart and has little earth (needed for grounding and being able to feel part of the world) and a heavy 12th house & a moon-chiron connection. Most of the 12th was also in Cancer & it's his ascendant too (more emotions and mood swings, yet very loving). The 12th house would have enabled him to really hear the 'other world'. It's the most spiritual house, but it needs to be understood, because it can dissolve a person too. This also gave him the need to isolate.

The Chiron-Moon conjunction in the 5th house of creativity shows emotional pain and the need to channel this through creativity. The sun-uranus-Mercury conjunction looks for new ways to dissolve, express and create new ways to show and be himself, which I link to the music. It's very unique and has that Uranian brilliance.

Neptune in the 3rd house of communication fits communicating in enchanting music. Neptune is soft and from another, more magical reality. He needs magic. And Nick Drake also had a Neptune square Venus connection; often seen in the charts of artists.

Unfortunately the weight of being so sensitive lead to an assumed suicide at age 26 after many depressive periods. Looking at the chart it's possibly partly due to the heavy 12th house and the Chiron (pain) and Moon Conjunction. When he left this life Transit Saturn (restrictions/rules and karmic) had just gone past his ascendant (how we see/show ourself) for the second time (retrograde) and went back into the 12th house to make more 'emotional adjustments'. This may have been too heavy for him to deal with.

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