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The Birth of the Awakening Teachers

2021 was the year of the AWAKENING TEACHERS. The NEW PHILOSOPHERS. Those sharing about SPIRITUALITY, the ANCIENT PATHS and the MYSTIC WAYS. You are the ones teaching about spell work, the moon and healing yourself.

You may have written a book or are contemplating writing one. You may have created an online course. Your own oracle cards. Or you are organising gatherings with the Moon. Whatever it is: you feel it's time to share your lessons and wisdom with the world. Times are changing indeed and you may be called to be part of that change. This Rise of the awakening teacher is part of the wave of awakening and evolution soaring the Earth. This is why we are on a tipping point. So many stepped up and are showing what they learned through the own HEALING PROCESSES. And you reach more and more people. And that's how change is created. Through a NEW NORMAL. A NORMAL in which we embrace intuition, are empathetic, honouring our ancestors and history. Learning to listen and be emotionally empowered and share about inner wisdom. If you are an AWAKENING TEACHER, then... You are talking about MINDSET. You are sharing about ENERGY WORK. You talk about the DIVINE FEMININE. You share about the WITCH WOUND. You show how to set up ALTARS. The awakening teachers are here to contribute, light up and inspire. Many are still relatively new to the concepts. And each level of awareness, experience and training is contributing and helpful.

Who stepped into this role? Who STARTED TEACHING about the SPIRITUAL? Talked about WELL-BEING? Putting yourself first?

Chances are you are the NEW TEACHERS, HEALERS and WAYSHOWERS if you found this page. You are part of the awakening wave going through earth. Showing people there’s more to life and helping them tap into potential.

What are you teaching? And how? And why? Please leave a comment below.

As a teacher you are likely relatively new to being in the occult profession. And if you made it HERE or are part of my inner circle group in which you get free information on how to share your message and find your soulcontract people you promised to teach, then it’s likely you already studied the spiritual rather in depth for years.

ALWAYS INSPIRING It's likely you may have worked in the creative and social worker field. And you've shared inspiration to many. Either through art or through helping others. If that's you and you'd like more information on how to share a clear message in your business. Or how to map out your online courses in as little as a morning then head over to my free group here.

People ARE WAITING for you. Many just woke up to the idea of their being “more to life”. They did not live a spiritual lifestyle before and they are interested in getting to know themselves. They want to learn about the Moon or start exploring and get qualified in astrology based HUMAN DESIGN. To understand themselves and the lives they are living. As a Spiritual life coach, teacher putting my ex-journalist skills to use I have created over 40 self-awareness, self-healing and personal development courses. You can find them here. I have hosted online and offline Moon Medicine circles since 2001. And I have been on the spiritual path most of my life. And I live and breathe it daily.

If you ARE a healer, social worker, have always been interested in HUMANITY. You are kind and caring by nature then the world is waiting for you. As natural empaths and energy readers you will assist in Earths new direction.

After years of beating my own drum I can’t deny I’m likely considered as weird. The good news is I'm fully OK with that. My life has been driven by assisting people help put their beauty out there. Beauty from your creativity.

Beauty from your healing.

Beauty from your personal story.

Beauty form being you.

IF YOU ARE A TEACHER that CREATED your HEALING or SPIRITUAL course this year, then let me know below and tell me about it.

Blessed day ⭐️

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