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The Moon Phases and your Period

In the Moon Q&A I answer you questions around the Moon Phases.

Question: “What does it mean to start the own cycle at the dark moon.”

Answer: That you are super aligned. Women in the early days would likely all bleed around the same time (the womb adjusts itself to the of others!).

New Moon is the traditional time to start the cycle since it’s a time of release and regeneration. Hormones respond to the LIGHT coming from the moon.

Due to light pollution, a lot of women’s cycles now start at full moon. The naturally aligned cycle with the moon phases meaning is at new moon.

What I see now is that a lot of women are starting the period around FULL MOON. Often when that's the case there’s often stress going on. Full Moons then are seen as release, which isn't the natural flow. It would be ovulation time. Emotionally this creates extremes between highs and lows. When your emotions go up and down it's hard to come to emotional balance.

IS FULL MOON FEELING LIKE AN EXTREME This is similar to Full Moon emotionally feeling like an extreme. If that's the case you are reacting to the moon and outward circumstances instead of taking charge and control to direct energy where you would like it to go.

Full Moon should feel as a natural non-pushy flow in which you can work with the high of the energy in a non-hysterical way. It doesn’t mean “anything is wrong” with your cycle if you are not aligned to the phases of the Moon and their meaning. It can however be interesting information to take in and start taking Moon Baths and bringing in daily Moon Awareness by looking up at the sky.

If you are new to me: I’ve been doing Moon work for over 20 years and as an ex-journalist I like to share factual information with you that can help you make up your mind.

As a coach I'm practice what I preach and I believe and I'm an advocate for finding the own truth and teaching you the difference between a personal truth and universal truth. Too often in the spiritual world things are sugar-coated, covered up, presented like 'random facts' that are just about 'how you feel' and 'taught by people who do not understand the cycles of life. And even if they do know they get on board of the 'hype train' without daring to highlight what is not true, but only popular opinion.

Many have not walked the path at all, but pretend they are and are spreading false information. It is not helpful and it diminishes spirituality which is a system. Just like the Moon is a system. Start by checking who says what and if you are interested in working with the Moon then do your own research.

Facts are often confused or said to be “beliefs” which isn’t the case. Facts are what you can track back in history. It has substance. There’s proof or a track record. Spirituality has a track record and systems just like any other field. It’s not random.

Doesn’t mean you have to agree with the findings. Denying them doesn’t suddenly make them “untrue” though. If you are still here and you like someone telling it like it is then you can download the free Work with the Traditional Moon Phases book in the Into the Moonhouse Facebook Group.

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