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The necessity of Negative Emotions

Emotional healing is of most considerable importance when getting healthy. Your emotions are valuable and are here to help you see deeper into who you are and tell you when something is not quite right. And yes, that means all of your emotions are valuable and have an important message to share with you. Especially the ones considered negative.

Fear helps you survive. Anger tells us you about your boundaries and people crossing them. Sadness helps you with grief and disappointment and joy points out what you love and. Opening up to all of your emotions and recognizing their actual message makes you fully accept who you are.

Emotions are your portal into wholeness. As a spiritual life coach, I have worked with shadow-work for a long time and have developed a system that allows you to read and understand your emotions.

Most of your responses come from your subconscious. That means you are responding on auto-pilot. Percentage-wise your behaviour, actions, responses, run on you subconscious auto-pilot 95%.

Do you keep repeating the same old, same old? The only way to tackle it is to reprogram the subconscious mind. When emotions get stuck or aren't expressed, they stay in the body and are part of your subconscious mind. That means you do see the results of it in your life and it also works as a magickal mirror. For example: one of my clients was actually raging deep inside. She had tugged away that feeling so much (because "nice girls do not get angry") that it started to show externally everywhere. She kept running into angry and bitter people, she overheard others we nagging and was the target of a lot of road rage. That's because often the world is the own mirror you are looking into.

If you truly want to take control of your life and direction, then you've got to start working with your emotions. Take time to honor how you feel and cleanse those emotions that were suppressed in safe ways like with meditation and rituals.

An average feeling lasts 90 seconds and feelings are called that because we feel them in our body. Going through your feelings and allowing them to be (they do not need to rule) is very empowering.

Don't cut them off, acknowledge the situation and they will work for you in a transforming way.

You are not your thoughts, your emotions or your body. Each does have an important message for you and it's up to you to honour your internal system and allow yourself to work with it. You never learned how to in a society that was run by the mind that said feelings were illogical.

Actually, your emotions are very logical. You just don't know how to hear the message. As an ex-journalist that was hired often because I could put so much "feeling" into text, I know how to listen. I'd love to teach you the same.

What can I do for you, your subconscious and your emotional healing?

1) Work with me 1-1: I can assist with deep healing your subconscious, shadow work and removing and resetting patterns. And you will learn to hear the voice of your emotions. This is not for everyone. You need to apply for this. >>book a free chat here<<

Laura is a Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer and works with people based on what's UNIQUE to them. In clarity and healing she is invested in people expanding themselves and living so closely to their soul truths that they'll feel better all the times. Laura practices what she preaches and has been on the spiritual path for almost 25 years. She loves incorporating the ancient wisdom of the Moon in sessions and hosted her first Moon Meeting in her early 20's.  

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