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Top 5 Spiritual Money Books

Improving your relationship with money is ongoing. You’ll find that the more you learn and interact with money, work on your mindset and more that it will change. Money helps you provide. Money tends to your needs and it is good self care.

These books are my favorite Money Books. If you follow through with the exercises (like in Denise’s book) you WILL notice an instant shift. I’ve received €1400 (!) when I first started reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and did the exercises.

From a book! And you can have those results too. Here’s my top 5 for you.  

01: All-time favourite: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. I’d argue that this is the only book you’ll ever need when it comes to money. By just reading her and applying the lessons I’d had almost instant massive shifts. I’m also a member of her community and I’ve joined her Money Bootcamp in 2015. A lot of woo combined with practicality.   02: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth - T. Harv Ecker. This book helped me create more understanding for money and the possibilities out there. And the author share a lot about each person’s Money Blueprint (your past, belief systems of your environment and more).  03: Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill - Admittedly: a bit boring to read. But also a classic that describes all Law of Attraction basics and how to apply them to money, wealth and success. Should be part of the money library o money basics.  04: The Teachings of Abraham are amazing. In the book Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks you will find a lot of practical SHIFT YOUR ENERGY advice. On mindset, what you feel about money, lack consciousness and so much more goodness. 

05: You are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero. Entertaining and down to earth read about how Sincero dealt with her own money stuff and took charge. Including all the tips needed to get into a healthy money relationship.   Other Classics: Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Good lessons and a Money Classic. BUT (big but from me: read with pinches of salt. It’s not as ethical, because the whole story was made up and sold as “true”. However, I did enjoy the first of the book and it helps you shift thinking about money). Links to the books are affiliate links. If you click them it's possible I will receive some compensation.

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1 Comment

Oct 26, 2019

I love moments when everything in life connects. I’ve been working on your money magick lessons and stubbles across “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. As I’m one chapter in. I’m reading this blog post for more books and it’s an honorable mention!

Thanks for the reminder that I’m on my right path. 💚✨

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