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Unleashing your Spiritual Gifts

Hello dear Soul Traveller, You've made it here! And there are no coincidences.

Let's talk about #yourhealinggifts

When you first start working with the spiritual world it’s important to let go of any ideas you may have about it. For example about how your spiritual gifts SHOULD show up for you.

Because here's a given: it will always show up differently.

You may think NOTHING is happening and "this spiritual stuff" is not working for you. Here's the truth of it: Often you miss it, because you think that’s NOT how you should receive information. Not because nothing is happening.

For example: when I first started into the Akashic Records I saw all the books and I received the ones that I asked for. Great, right!? But then I also EXPECTED that I would read the pages like any normal book. Just like I would be sitting in the library and reading a story and seeing words and sentences. And I was quite disappointed when that didn’t happen and I was calling out: "I can’t read them!" As if it would be the exact same as viewing something with my visible eyes.

Maybe you are laughing at the idea of spiritual books being the exact same as a tangible one. Expectations can make you miss all the information that is coming through though. SEEING There were a lot of things I did see. I saw the size and colours of the book. The size told me about the length of the lifetime. The colours told me about the topic and type of blocks/experiences. For example if the book was about the soul gifts (very aligned with the essence of the soul), if it had been a spiritual growth lifetime and relating to the spiritual gifts of a person, if it related to ‘negative karma’ with someone that confirmed they knew someone before and something negative happened there (like one person murdering the other person) and so much more.

Then I could feel in the story and saw images, heard words and channeled information. Including sometimes very weird images that I did not really want to mention, because it was odd! And when mentioning what I saw to the client turned out meaning the world to them. And I received information by feeling it literally in my own body.

So, you see, there was definitely information coming through. In fact, I receive LOTS of information for clients I take into Akashic Healing Sessions. It just was not how I expected it to be. I expected it was exactly like reading a book in which I could see the letters.

And that may be the exact same thing for you.

So if you suddenly feel something that you did not feel before (like being very happy and then suddenly sad) check in with yourself to see if it’s yours. If you work with the Moon and Moon Magick and you get a hunch to work with it a certain way then do it. Your magic work IS WORKING. All you have to do now is to allow it and feel into it.

Everyone has their own unique way of receiving information. And the key of any spiritual work is to connect and start to understand how it works for you. So it asks for having trust in yourself and your senses and letting go of thought and beliefs and how it should be.

And that’s the way with all life: Expectations and how it feels/is when you are doing something are usually very different… And if you can flow with that then congratulations, you are cooperating with the universal power and flow.

Would you like to learn that? Then start connecting with the Moon Phases to open up your inner awareness. She is the master of intuition, inner knowing and the Secrets of Life. Your Spiritual Gifts are part of your SOUL DNA. Did you enjoy this Post? Stay in touch and sign up for my list to receive weekly updates, learn about Sacred Self Living, offers and free gifts.

As a welcome gift I'll send you the Moon Phases e-book to help you understand the true meaning of the Moon Phases and one of my favorite Moon Rituals.  >>Yes, Please!<<

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