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Using the Equinox to Rebalance yourself

The earth will re-balance during the 23rd of September. Here in the Northern hemisphere, we are celebrating the Autumn Equinox.

For a moment both night and day are in perfect harmony; the length of the night and the day are equal. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere the days will now shorten. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere days will lengthen.

The Equinox is a perfect time to start asking yourself questions about your balance. If you joined Money Magick then you'll be asked to look at your investments and the ROI (return on your investments). And in general, it's a great time to look at your life balance.

Return on Investment

What life area's are you investing in? What gets a lot of attention? What little? How are you prioritising your needs and wants? Are you sacrificing your health? And if so: for what? Are you sacrificing your peace of mind? And if so: for what?

For those loving to work with me: I do beautiful life-balance readings with practical action steps to take. You will receive a worksheet and audio after the session, which will help you refine or refocus even more.

If you'd like to set up your own ritual or take time to balance: please find journaling questions below.

Cambridge defines balance as this: "A state where things are of equal weight of force". In life this can be a bit trickier because where are the scales for measure? (Image: Chris Lawton)

Cambridge defines balance as this: "A state where things are of equal weight of force". In life this can be a bit trickier because where are the scales for measure?

Balancing emotions, balancing activities, time, energy, income are all part of this. Ideally, you create your magic mix, which is a perfect match for who you are.

Journaling prompts:

1. Have you been spending a lot of time/thought/energy on something?

2. Are you enjoying that?

3. Do you feel it's too much?

4. If yes, can you think of a strategy that helps you to spend less time on this?

5. Are there more areas that gain too much attention and are not joyful to you?

6. Do you have a desire which has been gathering dust that has not received your time, attention and energy?

7. Are you okay with that?

8. If not, can you start scheduling time in for this?

9. Emotional well-being is the fuel of all. Are you able to deal with emotional upheaval or does it capture you completely?

10. Write down how you would like to be able to handle emotions.

Of course, there's much more to it, but this may help you get started. I'm all about helping you stay balanced and clear out emotions combined with perspective.

Life-balance readings may just be your thing. Or the emotional well-being course which will start in October. Check out the website if you would like to work with me.



If you are here that means there's a fair chance that you are on crossroads. There's an opportunity of CHANGE in the air for you and you can now take steps to get to the next level. 

You may feel excited and scared at the same time. That's ok. And you have made here. Now let's see what level of soul adventurer you are. 

It always comes down to one of these 3 steps: you either desire CLARITY, HEALING and SHIFTING of Blocks and sabotages or you are ready to re-align and transform the energy in your favor.

Understanding and seeing where you are is the first game-changer that will give you peace of mind and helps you see and choose your next steps. Let's get you your missing road map and answers to help you start changing outcomes.

With almost 25 years of experience, I can help you get clear, deep heal and transform the energy and make it all very practical. Let me hold the space for you. 


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