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The world has been waiting for you

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Welcome, Soul Traveller!

We're honored to have you here as you answer the call of your true self. Whether you're seeking to reach your highest potential, exploring spirituality, or sharing your gifts with the world as an artist or spiritual business owner, one thing is clear: you are one-of-a-kind and don't fit in any box.

Our intention since 2012 has been to offer you tools to retrieve your wisdom and help you remember and see your gifts. You'll find a wealth of resources from the Path of the Moon here, which encompasses your intuition, gifts, healing power, feelings, and the Divine Feminine. Right now, there's a Spiritual Renaissance taking place on the planet, and if you've found this place, then you are a part of it. If you're seeking a deeper level of self-awareness and knowledge, then you've come to the right place.

Our mission is to help you tap into what was previously unseen and assist you in exploring your subconscious. Our sessions, courses, and community are tailored to connecting to your inner self and can help you find the answers and solutions you seek.

If you're driven to share your work, healing, and message with the world, we offer group work and utilize intuition and journalism skills to help you become ultra-clear and visible to customers and in the press. If you're not sure where to start in uncovering your unique gifts or need guidance in unlocking them, you've come to the right place.

Join us on a journey of discovering your true self, embracing your natural talents, and bringing your unique gifts to the world in a way that resonates with you. Let's awaken your magic and honor the call of your soul.

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It had been years after one of our customers first embarked the Path of the Moon and explored the Goddesses accompanying the phase. Yet, once stirred, the magic had burned brightly within. 

She wrote in an e-mail: "The most amazing thing has happened!" 

When she sat down to meditate on her business, she felt the call to connect with her future self, to envision the powerful being she was meant to become. 

With a deep breath, she closed her eyes and let her mind wander into the depths of meditation.

Suddenly, she had felt a shift in the air around her, as if a great force entered her space. And then, she saw her - the Goddess form the meditation years ago, with a message that only she could hear.

It was the Dark Goddess Hecate, the Goddess of magic and transformation, to remind her of her own divinity. 

That she was a Goddess in her own right, and had forgotten the immense power that lay dormant within her.

Afterwards she searched for the Goddess program she had done with us years ago, and as she listened to the meditations, she received more messages about her next steps in business.

Never forget that you are the Divine Spark! 

What she experienced is called being called by the Goddess. And it is  powerful, when the Divine reaches out to you. 

Not for nothings is a well repeated blessing, "Thou art the Goddess". 

She wrote me she was been told she was a Creator, a powerful force of nature in her own right. And the Dark Goddess had shown up for her to remind her of her innate power and  creation skills.

What you seek, seeks you. Although there are no guarantees you have the same experience as Rosemary, you can start walking the Goddess path here with a free meditation. 

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Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer

Over two decades ago I started walking the Spiritual Path. Before I full-time started to assist coaching clients, I worked as a written press journalist and my love for facts and understanding of objectivity is something that comes in handy.  In fact: my clients call me the most grounded Spiritual Coach they ever worked with. 

By now I've assisted thousands of clients all over the world to help let them see the big picture of their life, removing old layers of emotions that were holding them back and helped them to start living life from their True Self and wisdom. Let me remind you of your unique gifts and story. 

Life's too short to be unhappy, undecided or unfulfilled. Let me help you connect back to your Sacred Self, deep heal old emotions and learn you how to use the ancient spiritual tools and practices to truly understand who you are and start living that joy. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

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As a spiritual life coach, I love seeing you harvest your desires and dreams into tangible results. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had.


The Akashic Healing experience was gentle, enlightening, and empowering. And the information was so truthful - and nuanced. It was as if dusty corners of my life were being gentle cleaned.

Laura is truly connected to the other reality and is generous in inviting you along. Since my healing, I've felt more focused, with more clarity and courage to transform the challenges in my life as well as embrace the abundance.”

Brook Packard from Sleepytime Club
Childhood music specialist and storyteller 


Clarity Session with Astrology

“If you are looking for clarity and insight on a deep & personal level regardless of what area you are seeking this for (business, personal, etc) I can highly recommend Laura as a gifted & empathetic guide on your journey to clarity & self-discovery. 

The reading I had with Laura was like meeting an old friend you haven't seen in ages and Laura was really great at setting the stage for the reading (we did a quick meditation).

The reading not only gave me the information I was seeking (around life purpose and who to serve in my business), but also insight and a clear vision on what is the key to my personal fulfillment. Things I couldn’t really put my finger on but felt for a long time are now clear.” 


I know Laura for almost five years now. And she has never let me down. She is one of the fewer people I know that is as well as grounded as she is spiritually connected. And that is a great gift.

I was lucky to be able to do her meditations, akashic healing sessions, clearance, tarot reading.. well actually I am so fortunate meeting her. Since then my live has been a constant learning process, and she helped me get insight and therefore grow. And I am very grateful for that. And know... she is so spot on!! Whenever she did a tarot reading for me so I could gain clearance about certain situations, she has always been right.


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Download the Free e-book in the Facebook Community Into the Moonhouse

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Learn how to Activate Magick 

You'll find over 20 courses, meditations and Deep Healing programs in the Moonhouse Teachings Academy. Tap into the healing energy of the Akashic records, unravel the profound messages of your emotions, connect with the Goddess, learn how to work with the Ancient Wisdom of the Moon and declutter your house Spiritually.

The courses in the Academy help you tap into your inner magick.

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