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Gift yourself some healing time in this Akashic Records reading.

What to expect? 

This is a healing experience in which you shed layers you no longer need, get to core of blocks and/or patterns and they will be cleared based on what you are ready for. 

Expect more understanding for a (repeating) pattern you may hold. Also expect that the energy around this will start shifting once a layer is removed and that’s you’ll naturally find yourself taking actions with ease that you did not do before. In a session you may feel emotional and/or have that huge aha-moment.

These sessions are the closest to Magick Pills. 


The great thing is that it is a gentle healing experience. Going into the records means you do not have to completely relive the experience and it’s a gentle release.

As with all energy work is doesn’t mean that all is humpty dory after one session and that was all the work ever. Healing is always a process. It does mean that there will more space within you, more lightness and you will start experiencing more of a flow.


You can order your reading on the website. First formulate your question. We will get on a call together and travel into the Records together. I will communicate the information to you which will give clarity on what can be cleared. I will mostly have my eyes closed during our call. That allows me to see what’s going on and receive the information for you.


I will always fist check if energy work like this is a good match for you. Since it’s high frequency, it can also be too much at times. If it’s not the right type of healing for you, I will suggest another healing tool

This reading is a live 1-1 video call and will take around 120 minutes. .

What others say about this healing: 

"Extremely accurate"

"I felt an immediate shifting of blocks and energies" 

"A freeing experience" 

"My boundaries were almost instantly so much clearer."

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Akashic Healing

"I felt totally safe with Laura throughout the reading. I feel she is so utterly committed and connected to what she does and taking grounding so seriously and being fully safe to go into such high energies was really brilliant. The experience was very dreamlike and I loved the bubbly healing sensations I experienced. 

UNLIKE MANY HEALING EXPERIENCES which were ‘too much’ for me this one was NOT. Within a day or so after the healing people were responding to me differently. My energy had shifted, my boundaries were clearer and I had more authority in my being in the world and I received an invite for being a project leader. 

It has been an enormous upward trajectory since then. I have found the perfect coach support and course for my continual growth. My self care is going from zero to alignment with self LOVE, my dreams are coming true (REALLY). Most of all I AM IN MY BODY and LOVING IT. This reading was 10/10 easy. That is profound."


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