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Shadow work and the Dark Side of the Moon

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Hey beautiful, 

I would love to share more on the path of transformation with you. As a healer I don't avoid unpleasantness. Nor do I believe it should only kept positive or "feel good". In fact I strongly feel it does more harm than good to approach it that way. Let's be honest: life is made up from both positive and negative experiences. They balance each other and being able to look at both sides in your life can tremendously help you with finding inner peace and balance. 

Before you jump in: It comes at a price, dearie.

So often the Spiritual Path is presented as unicorns, rainbows and fairytales. And sure, the high vibe is part of the energy and it's amazing to work with. It’s not the full story though, nor the actual road to change or transformation. Also: not everyone is willing to walk what feels uncomfortable and truly gaze deep within and that's perfectly ok. 


And it may be easy for me to say: I seriously walk my talk and I've walked the full path for the past 25 years. If you are serious about living life aligned from who you truly are then you want to be able to do “underworld work” to start working through your deepest patterns, fears and other emotions. That’s how you transform. You don’t really want to start doing this without a mentor OR before you are ready to go in at such depth. 


It’s not “fun” or "cool" to do Shadow work and it can be incredibly disruptive if you don’t know what you are doing or if you haven’t worked with or do not understand the lighter and growing parts of life (and yourself!) yet. I've seen many people run for the hills when those inner demons start to emerge. Spiritual work is taking the red pill like i the Matrix: once you see what's at play then you can't "unsee" it.

Nothing for nothing.  There's always a price.  

Starting with shadow work before ready to do so often results in people going of in stories around being cursed, controlled by others and feel fear of shadows, ghosts, entities and more around them that. And believing that this is what tries to harm them.  It's so important to first have harvested a deeper trust and security in the self. 


That's why I only do these deep clearing sessions with clients that are ready for them AND coach with me so I can keep checks on the process and re-adjust the energy if needed. In the program Emotional Well-Being we also go deep and I teach it LIVE and with a small group for a reason: that I’m able to check in with everyone. As long as they also stay in the room themselves of course.

Fear is the most clever all and will give the mind all types of illusions to make sure the REAL TRUTH isn't uncovered. Fear just tries to protect, but it can do much harm, because at the other side of fear you'll find that peace, understanding and joyfulness.  

Remember when doing shadow work that the first portal is fear. And it’s easy to run with the fear coming from the subconscious. 

In terms of Moon work: understand the stages of WAXING AND FULL MOON first. Including the fact that full moon isn’t about release, but abundance. Release equals Death, remember. And Death is definitely part of Shadow work. Ready to learn and work with the Moon Phases? Subscribe to the newsletter to keep you informed about the Moon and Sky Energy, offers and receive the Moon Phases e-book as a FREE GIFT.  

Laura Diane Soer is a Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer giving world wide Clarity and Deep Heals Blocks through video chat.

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