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How we currently work with The Moon Phases shows how alienated we are from Nature

The Full Moon is about Abundance and Celebrations. The New Moon is not the best phase to start the New. When you see the first crescent appear it's the time to start growing. This used to be common knowledge and it's common sense when you think about it. Not since around 2014 when somehow the meaning of the Moon Phases and the History got twisted and the mass started to copy without questioning. If you have followed me for a long time, then you know I talk about the actual meaning of the Moon Phases often. I like to highlight that Full Moon is not only about the release and that New Moon is not the best time for setting your intentions. I share that knowledge with the intention that true seekers will start to search for themselves. And can weigh facts and feel in. Real Magick does not come from a book, but its about you and your interaction with the Divine. A reason for me to keep sharing: is because if it’s used the other way around you’ll miss the depth it can create in your life and magick. That's because the Moon will show you the natural process of life. And particularly in regards to your own inner world and the psychology of your emotions. I practiced Moon Work since my early 20’s and used to host Moon circles in my home. ⁣

Done right it has the potential to open you up to: > Intuition > Self-awareness > Hearing the True Self and Inner Voice > Understanding Emotions > Feeing like you belong and Connected

The Moon is like a Cake

On the other hand: if I'm baking a cake and my recipe is flawed, then do you think I'll end up with a cake? I don't think I will. Yet somehow when it comes to the spirtual, common sense suddenly does not seem to matter. That's because people confuse it with a BELIEF (a belief is not necessarily the same as truth) instead of an actual system.

Using a system with steps helps you get results. Using random steps from the same system can give joy. It won't give you the baked cake. My main reason to keep sharing was to show true seekers how to use The Moon as a portal to the inner Truths. For it to work like a portal, it’s essential to understand the actual flow, which relates to understanding the Cycle of Life. ⁣⁣⁣

I come from journalism and TRUTH, and seeing TRUTH has always been my area of interest and I used to work in investigative journalism. And I can assure that many people are not happy when you highlight truths. So in a sense it was not a surprise to me that sharing such common knowledge often gets such a backlash: I've been kicked out of groups, have been questioned, insulted , been told it's 'my belief system' (ehm, nope. Facts are not the same as a belief system) and more. All of that for saying that what is being taught now is not the whole truth. And for encouraging people to read up and learn how to make up their own minds based on facts. I get it: no one likes to feel like they are criticised. Another's response is not my responsibility.

Just like the church

Isn't it interesting that those who consider themselves spiritual are as intolerant as most and in fact: behave exactly the same like the crowds on market squares in the 1700's burning witches. Because that's what it is. Except now they call themselves 'witches' while they behave like the old churches they say they so despise. And instead of behaving like an adult there's an immature emotional response to new information.

PROOF Even though real facts are widely spread and available I’m often asked for proof on the Moon Cycles. Simply because it’s such widespread misinformation. It’s normal. It’s human nature to follow the crowd. And when the mind then receives (seemily) contradicting information it generally will say it’s untrue. That’s the easy way. That way you would be safe in community.

On the other hand we all know that discoveries and change throughout history came from pioneers. While everyone said the world was flat, one person was saying the opposite. Who is in favour? The crowd is not daring.

Even with something simple and researchable as knowledge on the Moon. With lots of classic books that support knowledge, anthropologist departments, museums and more.

It still surprises me. Not because of human nature, but that practitioners do not learn through FEELING the difference. How can you not feel the difference and truth? Do you question YOUR TRUTH because the masses teach you different? Personally I think it’s indeed not clocked because humanity is incredibly far away from nature. And far away from the own guidance system. That’s how I can see a full moon release fits: the response to all the (e)motions of the Moon is there. The purging out feels hysterical though, because it’s reaction. Nit cooperation or understanding.

If anyone was to bake a cake and followed the recipe then no one would be surprised that if you take the cake out of the oven prematurely, it doesn’t work. Yet somehow that’s what we do with the Moon Phases:

* we say that you start something now and then in half of the time it should be ready. So you start mixing your cake ingredients & expect it to be ready in an instant and you get it out of the oven in half time. That’s what you do when you skip the cycle of 28 days and expect something to be ready to be done & ready to release in 14 days.

* It’s like birthing a child and saying that after they grow bigger, their next life phase is death.

* we say that after an ending you INSTANTLY know the next step and are very clear on it. As a tarot reader I can tell you that every person that came to me after a relationship break-up they indeed often ask: what’s next! When is the next person coming?

You think that is a good strategy? You think you can skip those steps of grief and processing a loss and that you are instantly ready for the new and happy with your new lover?

It doesn’t work like that. You need time to process.

A Moon Cycle can teach you about the natural process in life. About the actual time something takes to grow, to peak, to harvest and to let go.

TAKE, TAKE, TAKE A lot that’s being taught now has nothing to do with the actual mystery. It’s, however, a great reflection of how we think as a society and believing in “instant gratification”. It’s the mentality of TAKE that doesn’t give back to the land. It’s why we have a PLASTIC PROBLEM and why the FIRES are out of control in Australia because the wisdom of the indigenous people about fire control was skipped. In essence it’s because many live so far from nature in an unnatural rhythm that’s not found in nature’s pace: it's alienation.

Otherwise you’d know and see how nature responds during a full and dark moon. You’d simply use your senses to work with the Moon. Instead of using technology. It’s what I see at yoga classes in the city to which everyone comes to “be spiritual” yet there’s no attention to fellow humans. In fact, ideally they are ignored. And when people leave they feel great because they “cared for their spirit”. Yet the connection to all is bypassed.

I saw this when I worked at a holistic center and gave meditations: people would show up and be there in their own world. Like the spiritual was a neat little box, you could tug away spirituality and then expect your world to be different.

The goal and outcome of spirituality is wholeness and seeing the interconnectedness of life.

That’s the potential that working with the Moon Phases has. And that’s why I educate about critical thinking and research. Although I must say that with this I can’t believe it had to be highlighted. And that no one else speaks about it. Especially because I each time I post a lot of practitioners that do know the meaning of the cycle thank me for it. They were so annoyed about the misinformation.

Many will not speak up out of fear of stepping on others (overly sensitive) toes.

> Out of fear being accused to PREACH what’s right and wrong while in spirituality there is this widespread idea to not say anything and all is ok (that’s fine. It’s ok to highlight why the CAKE RECIPE is not working). What people do with anything is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. It doesn’t mean you are not allowed to speak up.

> The fear of being wrong.

And, let’s be fair: the easiest way for yourself would be to just let people be. However if there’s so many people searching to find themselves, then I’m happy to point them in a direction they will and will not find the answers.

You can download a Free Moonbook in the Facebook Group Into the Moonhouse.

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