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Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

#solareclipse The Solar Eclipse will offer you the opportunity to reach a new level of personal interacting with others. It's all about your Emotional Strength, Understanding, and Intelligence.

July 2nd, 2019, Solar Eclipse in Cancer

A little bit of a warning: this may look entirely different than you may expect. And the further you are on your Spiritual Path, the easier to adapt to these "new truths".

It will ask you to get off your high horse, to stop taking everything so seriously, to be able to meet others on their emotional level and not expect from others that they should be ON YOUR LEVEL.

Caring for your emotions and needs is your responsibility. It does not mean others should abide. Things are only a big deal if you make them a big deal. True Compassion comes from understanding that everyone is different and that is OK.

You can still accept that AND make choices that are based on your needs. And sometimes that means walking away if you can't accept how another behaves or shows up.

That's what these eclipse series are about.

AND, low and behold: any time YOU execute pressure, ask others to be a certain way (that they are not and never will be) and in essence say they are not good enough the way they are, you are not on top of your emotional game. It's a lack of emotional understanding.

That's no problem at all. Don't take this discovery too seriously, remember. Do see where it's your responsibility to hold the space for yourself and where you are trying to press others to be something they are not.

It's your responsibility to recognise when something truly an issue for you when you need to set different boundaries (for yourself and what you will/will not put up with), AND communicate that in a calm manner if needed, when you need to take charge of your EMOTIONAL HEALING and decide what you will and will not allow in your life. It's not the other person. It's you.

If you look for others for the solution then you are not in your power. If you are pressuring someone to be or act like something they are not (because you feel deprived by them), then you are just as much emotionally bullying the other as you feel they are doing to you.

Interesting, no?

What it shows is what you are lacking from within and what needs you need to fulfill for yourself.

Are you ready to up your game? The Eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn are ready to educate. First one happening on the 2nd of July.

If you want to work with me on EMOTIONAL STABILITY and learning to clear emotions like Anger, Frustration, Sadness, fear of abandonment and detachment and more and truly want to learn how to hold the space for yourself then send me an e-mail. And we”ll have a chat. >>More on the Eclipse. Listen to the Podcast here<<

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