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Pluto Direct and Personal Leadership

Today Planet Pluto went direct. A very welcome energy for many. This is all happening in the Sign of Capricorn with the South Node of the Moon and Saturn in the mix too. All energy for the last years (!) has been on hearing and finding your authentic voice and stepping in your power.

With Capricorn in the mix it's all about taking personal leadership and to start EXECUTING it.

Empowerment is key to this. Current themes are around your relationship. What are your needs? Are you taking charge and responsibility for yourself? Are you asking others to fix things for you?

The Victim Mentality is shifting out of the Earth Frequency.

And especially long-time healers, caregivers, empaths and more will feel this. It is your time indeed.

It also means that you need to reclaim every single part of yourself in which you said: > I can't. > I don't know how to...

Pluto is not for the faint of heart. It's about transformation, gaining deep knowledge into yourself and dealing with the XX##$$^. It's no use to let it linger. You can of course. It will then continue to keep you hostage.

Authentic Power

Authentic Power is the key of this time you are living in. It’s all about being true to the self. About holding your space. Backing yourself up. Following through with what you say is of importance to you.

True Spiritual Seekers question reality, examine the Self, are not afraid to come to different conclusions and are not fazed by a latest hype.

Maybe you've just started your search. Perhaps you asked questions from a young age. Everyone is being invited to step into the self and 'into your authentic power'. If you feel things are falling apart, then it's because something around this is FALSE. It is an opportunity to get deeper in alignment with yourself and what you are all about.

What is your path? Where did you claim your power? Where are you dependant on others? Where are you powerless. Pluto, Saturn, and the North Node of the Moon will assist in shedding BS from your life, becoming aware of what is FALSE, and will help you let go of situations that are no longer true for you. EXECUTING PERSONAL LEADERSHIP will be a theme for all of this year and the next. You can see this playing out in the Political arena as well: abuse is no longer tolerated, while 'old world leaders' are hanging on for dear life, while New World Thinking (Nurture and Care for the environment, questioning behaviour adn how we treat others like in #metoo among other things) and more is going forward. Want some help with executing power in your life? Utilising your uniqueness? Releasing Toxic connections? Finding your voice or reclaiming yourself?


About Laura Diane Soer: I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer and have been on the path for 25 years. I am "Head Mistress Magick" of the Moonhouse Teachings Academy in which I teach over 30 Self-Awareness courses and assist people world wide with personal issues and questions. By using a combination of spiritual tools and Earth Path Related Healing techniques you will find the best possible solutions, answers and remember the own wisdom. As a Mystic and journalist I bring you the best of both worlds: common sense and practical magick. Curious what I can do for you? Send me an e-mail or request your free healing plan here. .

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