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Remember who you are with the Moon

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Hey there lovely,  Are you feeling scattered? Feeling disconnected and like you are missing something very essential? And do you have a strong desire to open that up so you experience wholeness?  Then let's talk some more about the benefits of working with the Lunar Calendar. Because the truth is that you likely DID hand over one of your own essential parts. And it's not getting the breathing space or attention it deserves. Maybe for a very long time already.  Is that you? What you miss is being you. If you are not quite sure then ask yourself these questions:  Have you felt that you simply do not fit in this world? Do you suspect that there's a whole unseen world available to you and that you just forgot to tap into it?  Do you find yourself doing daily chores and daily actions according to the clock? According to others routine?Do you tell yourself that it's been like that forever and the whole society seems to get up and out at the same time to start the day job, bring the kids to school and more and that's why you should do that too?  

EVEN IF: It doesn't really align with your personal rhythm and your inner flow and truth. And that can feel like there's a split. And a desire. And missing out what life is all about. Which may feel confusing. 

I totally get that. Because you likely are out of flow. Everyone else's system doesn't have to be yours. You have your very own ebb and flow. 

When I started working with the moon phases and became aware of the energy that each day of the week carried, I opened up to a new type of magic. Something deep changed internally. I didn't relate at all to living by the clock.

It didn't make any sense to me that summer time had the exact same schedule as winter time. And as I started experimenting with it, I started seeing time as timeless. And appreciating the moments in it. We all have them: often in nature.  When you allow yourself to calm down and just be. And suddenly you feel calm or uplifted and feel all is ok. It can be like that all the time. Not just a snippet of a minute. As I kept practising aligning with the daily energy and being aware of the Moon cycle I started feeling more and more me. And I saw so much beauty that bypassed me before. How the leaves softly let go in autumn and just floated through the air in a timeless moment. While internally and outwardly society was moving at top speed.  This all happened many moons ago. And I kept being aware of the true energy available. The sky, the moon, the seasons... and I started listening to who I was internally. It did lift the veil for me and it opened the gates to so much more beauty and joy on a daily level.  Know this is available for you too. It always was. Aligning to the sky, the moon, the seasons will connect you back to your personal truth, your inner flow. Living life from the inside out will give you a rich and abundant experience.  Want to understand the Moon Phases ones and for all? Yu can download the FREE BOOK True Meanings of the Moon Phases as a GIFT in the Facebook group Into the Moonhouse.  >join the community here< Laura Diane Soer is a Spiritual Life Coach that serves clients all over the world by giving clarity, assists with deep healing old emotions and shows people how to uncover who they are and start living those truths. Laura practices what she preaches and has been on the spiritual path for almost 25 years. She loves incorporating the ancient wisdom of the Moon in sessions.    In the ACADEMY she teaches all about The Moon, your True Self and tapping not your Magick.

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