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Witchcraft and The Moon

Witchcraft; doesn't that take place in secret and in the dark? Not in a little village in the northern part of the Netherlands, Appelscha, where Margarita Rongen performs its rituals. ,, I want to help people and I do that by going public."

By Laura Diane Soer, Moon Circle Host, Healer, Author.

Four women are standing in front of a large fire in the middle of a lawn. One of them refers to her tambourine and a dull, but impressive tone spreads. ,, The river is flowing, flowing back to the sea, back to Mother Earth," the women are singing in a clear voice. Behind the fire in a shrine of two paving stones, a deep red-haired woman raises her arms to the sky. Shortly before she carefully lit the torches on either side of the altar.


All in honor of the Goddess, because these witches celebrated the full moon, which was marked by the harvest and wisdom. The deep red-haired lady is Margarita Rongen (51) and hers is the lawn where the ritual takes place. It is a hereditary witch, which means that she learned her wisdom from her family. Now she runs the Witch Farm in Appelscha, where she gives workshops on medicinal herbs and lets non-witches attend full moon and New Year celebrations. She also has a tearoom which has its seasoning blends for sale.

Margarita is open about being a witch. Witchcraft often happens behind closed doors. ,, I am a white witch and want to help people. I do that by going public so people can come to me. "Witches worship the full moon, which has a different meaning every month. The moon is in the sign of the harvest and thereby wisdom.

Witches worship the full moon, which has a different meaning every month. The moon is in the sign of the harvest and thereby wisdom.


All that was planted in the beginning of the year, is now being harvested and evaluated. With each moon, the participants should be aware of the influence the moon has on their lives. ,, If people would just deal with the moons, they would understand more, 'says Margarita. With a dark moon you worry, and when it is full moon you think everything will be fine.

On the side of her farm, surrounded by trees and vast meadows, is the lawn where the rituals take place. Just before the witches chant begins, Margarita ritually sweeps the lawn clean with the well-known witches broom.These are the first steps for the drawing of a circle. ,, A circle should be seen as a bubble, a space that keeps the energy of the participants inside and ensures that no unwanted energies enter the circle, 'says Margarita. All rituals are performed within this space. If the circle has been drawn, nobody is allowed in or out.


Witchcraft is also known by its English name Wicca, but Margarita prefers not to use that term. She's just a witch 'from the cold ground ', The Netherlands. The term witch often has a negative charge, it is sometimes associated with the worship of Satan and sex with the devil. This picture dates from the time of the Inquisition, that used witch burning as a means of power. Witchcraft is a nature religion, the religion that originated long before Christianity, the religion of white magic. Margarita: "Our Goddess is Mother Earth and the earth belongs to everyone. It is an ancient religion, aspects of which recur in all religions. Think Easter, in the past we gave each other an egg with a spell. Ancient folks like the Aborigines and Native Americans also worship the earth."

Every white witch respects nature. A white witch asks for permission if she wants to use part of a plant or tree. Wicca has two rules, namely "Do what you like, but do not harm another," and "Everything you do, will be returned to you three times." Furthermore, religion is free for interpretation. Therefore, The Goddess sometimes has a different name, like Isis, Demeter or Diana. "All gods are one god, all goddesses are one goddess. Whatever name you give to a religion, it's the same.

"All gods are one god, all goddesses are one goddess. Whatever name you give to a religion, it's the same."

The lawn of about forty square meters is ready for the ritual. Around the place are copper-colored torches and in the center a fire burns. On the altar is a picture of a voluptuous female body, the representation of the Goddess. But also a sword, a silver chalice, a bowl of nuts and cakes with plum jam. The food represents the harvest. There are seven cupcakes and one for the Goddess. Where the lawn begins, some thirty pieces of blue paper hang on a clothesline.


Moments before everyone has written down keywords with his or her harvest for that year. The aim is to talk about it inside the circle, so you are going to be very aware of what has happened this year. ,,Guardian of the East, join us this evening." One of the women lights the brass torch. Shortly before she ran one lap around the fire, followed closely by the others. When the directions of the wind are called in everyone participates and all stretch their arms to the sky.

All four directions are called, always starting with the East. The meanings of the directions are similar to the cycle of nature. So the east can represent the childhood and south the young adult. West stands for the adult, and you end up north, with the old wise woman. In the seasons and the waxing and waning of the moon, this cycle is central as well.

When the forces of the winds are present and Margarita continues with the ritual. With salted water she purifies the boundaries of the circle. This symbolizes purity and the feminine aspect. Margarita sprinkles the participants with a few drops of water, a blessing through which everyone is present with purity. After that follows the frankincense which represents fire and thus the masculine. Margarita circles the incense around everyone's head. With the witch sword Margarita draws the circle and says ,,let this be a place of friendship, of joy and of love. As it should be, as it should be, as it should be. "The circle is complete."

In witchcraft, The Goddess is the most important. Because of that the religion attracts a lot of women. But God is involved in witchcraft as well. Margarita: ,,The Goddess created the earth and everything was wonderful, flowers and plants, but nothing stayed beautiful. Despite her good care, some things died. The Goddess could not create new life. Therefore she visited the God of the underworld and asked why. The God made love to her and said, You, me and love are needed to be born again. '


The first exercise in the circle is a guided meditation by Margaret, one of the witches. ,, Imagine that you are standing in a beautiful place in nature. From there you walk, and you meet an animal. ""With eyes closed and Margarets voice in the background, everyone sees his or her harvest. It's all about understanding one's own life.

Everyone takes a piece of paper with a catchword from the clothesline in turn. Words pass like home, border and pleasure. Meanwhile, everyone takes something from the harvest and drinks from the common cup of wine. The fire is crackling in the background.

All stand in a circle and hold each other tightly. Margarita speaks the magic words: ,, The circle is removed, but not broken. As friends we came together, as friends we leave and we shall return together as friends. Goodbye." Would you like to learn how to work with the Moon? The Dark Moon Healing Circle is a monthly membership. We meet up once a month online to honour our journey. 

> You shed layers that are no longer needed. > You learn to hear your own wisdom > And learn to call in the new in your life Magick, the Goddess, Divination, Mystery and the Moon Phases are part of the path of Moon.

Laura Diane

About Laura Diane

If you are new to me: I'm a spiritual coach, healer and teacher with 25 years of experience. Teaching you how to use the energies present in the Moon and Sky to understand yourself on a deep level and create the outcomes you want is one of the things I'm passionate about. I hosted my first Moon Circle in my twenties and each Dark Moon we come together for a monthly transformational healing.

You can book 1-1 healing or astrology sessions with me here. .

This is an article on witchcraft I've written in 2000 when I was a working journalist. It was published in an award winning Dutch national newspaper and I've translated it in English for you. All my writings are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

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